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Eversfield Equestrian One Day Event 2021

1st August (with 31st July added if necessary), closing date for entries 21st July

During these events all COVID 19 regulation will be fully adhered to.

Horse eventing show jumping dressage

Dressage, Cross Country Course and Stadium Jumping

Height divisions, Very Novice .45,
Novice .70 and Open .90

To book pre show training over the Cross Country Course with your trainer or Glynis Barnes


Entry Forms


One form for each horse-rider combination.
(See form below)



Must be up to date and must be able to be produced on request.



All riders must wear ASTM/SEI approved helmet.



Rule # 15 No Dogs… Please



$35 NSF Cheques
Cheques Payable to Eversfield Equestrian

One Day Event Registration Form

Entry fees can be paid using PayPal or e transfer. E transfer to Please notify us that an e transfer has be sent to accompany the online entry form. Entries will only be refunded before the closing date of entry, unless they are supported by a Veterinary Certificate. Refund will be minus the administration fee.

When you click "Submit" below, you will be directed to the payment page. Please click on the "Buy Now" button and fill in the Total (including GST) above. You will receive a confirmation email from Paypal.

Submitting this Form to Eversfield Equestrian online indicates that the Rider, Owner, and Parent/Guardian authorize this event.



Dressage Tests

.45 and .70 Classes Event Discipline Test 1

Print Tests

*Note: For the .45m class: Movement 5,6,14,15 may be ridden in Posting Trot and must be on the correct diagonal. 2 marks will be deducted from each movement not cantered.

All trot may be
posting or sitting


Test to be ridden from memory
20 x 60 arena

1 A
Enter working trot
Halt. Salute. Proceed at working trot
2 C Track left
3 E Circle left 20m
4 FXH Change direction working trot
5 Between C & M Right canter
6 A
20 Meter circle right
7 Between K&E Working trot

8 Between H&C Working walk
9 MBF Long rein walk
10 Between F&A Working walk
11 A Trot
12 E Circle right 20m
13 MXK Change direction at working trot
14 Between A&F Left Canter
15 C Circle left 20m
16 Between H&E Working trot
17 A
Turn down center line.
Halt. Salute.


Print Tests

.90 Class Event Discipline Open 1

All trot as described


Test to be ridden from memory
20 x 60 arena

1 A
Enter working trot posting
Halt. Salute. Proceed in trot posting
2 C
Track left
Sitting trot
3 E to X Half circle left 10m sitting trot
4 X to B
Half circle right 10m sitting trot
Posting trot
5 E Circle right 15m diameter
6 C
Right canter around arena to A
7 A Canter 20m circle right

8 KXM at X proceed in working trot posting
9 C Walk
10 HXF Long rein walk
11 F Medium walk
12 A Working trot posting
13 E to X Half circle right 10m posting trot
14 X to B Half circle left 10m posting trot
15 M Working trot sitting
16 E Circle left 15m diameter posting
17 A Canter left
18 B Canter left 15m circle
19 C Working trot posting
20 HXF Show some lengthened strides of trot, posting
21 F Working trot
22 A
Turn down center line.
Halt. Salute.

Print Tests

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"My horse and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the ODE. We arrived on Saturday and he was welcomed to a comfortable box stall at the impeccably maintained Eversfield facility. Competition day was superbly organized and ran smoothly, with all aspects coordinated so that the schedule was comfortably maintained, and communication throughout the event was effective so that riders could easily report on time for their starts. Dressage was held in the outdoor sand ring, and our horses enjoyed the level surface and secure footing. Glynis, our judge, provided accurate and useful feedback for each horse and rider team. Our youngest rider (10 years old) read and re-read her dressage score sheet with Glynis' suggestions. Both the novice and open cross country courses had excellent turf and tracks, and a variety of terrain and jump types that invited yet still challenged the horse and rider teams. The incorporation of "knock-down" XC fences added an additional element to the day. The brightly painted show jumping course was well designed on lovely grass footing, with a variety of jumps and lines to keep horses and riders thinking. The day concluded with good cheer at the presentation ceremonies, during which rosettes and prize money were awarded in each division. Thank you to Glynis and David for putting on the ODE! My horse and I had a great day! This is my second year attending, and I plan to ride in it again in 2013."

~ Susan Bercha

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