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Glynis Barnes - Her Career So Far

Glynis’s first experience of riding a pony was at London Zoo at 6 years old. She was then "bitten by the bug". She then attended a riding school local to her home in Bexleyheath, Kent England. Her parents bought her first pony at the age of 9 and at the age of 11 the family moved to Shorne House, also in Kent. It was at this acreage property that her career in horses began. By the age of 10 she was successfully riding show ponies for owners. Between the age of 10 and 16 she achieved many accolades in the world of showing ponies and horses including two champions at the Horse of the Year Show in London England.

At the age of 16 Glynis commenced her Show Jumping career; this was going to be the main stay of her future. Right from the beginning having had an extremely intensive education in flat riding, competing over fences came as a natural progression and success was quick to follow. At 16 after leaving school and deciding that the only future for her was in horses, she started her first competition yard, providing boarding and training for up to 12 horses. As a young “up and coming” rider she was never short of work or horses to compete on.

In 1984 Glynis married and after a short period she and her husband David established a new yard in Sandwich Kent. She carried on in the same direction as before, competing successfully at national level and continuing to build a reputation as a rider and trainer. Then in 1986 she stated to work with a new found colleague, a Danish gentleman who had started importing Danish Warmbloods to his base in England. He was looking for high profile local riders in the area to expand his business and so a new partnership was founded. These horses were reliable, talented and extremely well bred.

In 2000, looking for a new direction and a taste for some new competition Glynis and David moved to France where they found better quality competition and bigger prize money. They purchased a large farm in central France where together in conjunction with their Danish colleague they used the farm to raise up to 50 young horses per year, all between yearling and 3 years old, to be sold in France and in England. Once again, competition was the incentive to carry on with the other farm work, however this time David and Glynis were mainly competing on young horses.

After a holiday in Canada in 2005, a visit to Spruce Meadows, and an assessment of the growth potential in Alberta, the decision was made to immigrate into Canada. Together they made an entrepreneurial application through the Provincial Nomination Program, which was successful. The farm in France was sold as an ongoing successful business and they are now establishing their new business near Black Diamond and importing the same Danish Warmbloods into Canada.

Glynis riding Millennium Z at "Welcome Classic Series" at Spruce Meadows

Glynis riding Millennium Z in a 1.20m class during the April 2011 "Welcome Classic Series" at Spruce Meadows

Glynis riding Millennium Z in Bow Valley Classic II

Glynis riding Millennium Z in the Bow Valley Classic II, 2011. Over 3 days placed each day including a 1st, making her division champion. Followed by a 7th place in the 1.20m Mini Prix on the Saturday.


1970 Pony Club "A" Test with Honors
1975 BHS Grade 4
1978 BHS II

On the Judging UK Panel of:
British Show Pony Society
British Show Hack and Cob
Hunters Improvement Society
Ladies Side-Saddle Association

Robert Hall: Number 1 trainer for equitation in the UK
Charles Harris: Fellow of the British Horse Society Member of the Vienna School
Iris Kellet: Irish Olympic Team Trainer
Cherry Hatton-Hall: Trainer to Princess Anne
Rosemund Owen: Sidesaddle Trainer to the Queen of England
Rob Hoekstra: International Show Jumper

Pupils of Note:
William Fox-Pitt: Three Day Event Olympian

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