Glynis and David Barnes
Site 2, Box 24, RR 1
Okotoks, AB Canada T1S 1A1
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Horse Training

Training for the Rider :

Glynis Barnes is the barn trainer for all levels of riding and all riding disciplines. Riders can choose their own training program with a minimum of one lesson per week. The program can then be tailored to suit the needs of the individual. The arena will be available for free schooling however no jumping will be allowed unless under tuition.

Training for the Horse :

In their careers, Glynis and David have trained all types of horses with many different problems. You may have a young horse that has problems, or a mature horse with issues which may prevent your progress in competition. We can help. It is of great importance that the rider has a knowledge, understanding and empathy with his or her mount.

Training the horse always incorporates the training of the rider. During the education of the horse, the rider will develop greater understanding and technique. Glynis is an extremely intuitive trainer with a natural affinity for horses, which she imparts during the schooling process. She has the ability to pin point exactly where the problem lies and choose the best regime to resolve the issue.

Horse Training Rates:

Horses boarding for training $1420.00 per month.

Horse training for horses that are permanent boarders with EE, $50 per training ride.

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